Saturday, February 16, 2008

Several of you have asked about the scheduled release of the new book, When God Disappears. Yes, the book's release has been moved up to September. We are in the process of securing endorsements and making final edits.

Pre-order information is now available through Regal Books and at Amazon. However, as soon as we know more about the official release date, we will contact everyone on the enews list.

Another update... The Serving Initiative continues to make a difference as the "hands and feet" of Jesus. To date, the Maji Project has provided over 6,000 rehydration kits. Thank you to everyone for your support of this incredible project.

P.S. You will also notice that the blog is changed. We had technical difficulties, so a new blog site was created. Keep checking in...

We love you all...

Be Salt and Light-- You Matter!

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