Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dear Friends and Supporters of the United Methodist Hour--

Beginning July 1st, I will become the Team Leader for Message and Media for the Annual Conference. I will work with the Bishop, Cabinet and Conference leaders to shape and articulate the message and strategy of the United Methodist Church in Mississippi. This is an important opportunity to assist in making a difference for our church throughout the state. This change will NOT affect my leadership role with the United Methodist Hour; however, I will no longer be on staff at Main Street UMC in Hattiesburg. Jim Golden, Board Chair of the Hour, is aware of these changes.

This new responsibility with the Annual Conference is not entirely a new role for me. Until January 1st of this year, I served as the Congregational Development consultant for the Annual Conference. This new position continues the spirit of that work and the A2 assessment program.

Although I will remain as the Ministry Leader/Host of The United Methodist Hour and my family and I will continue to live in Hattiesburg, I will not be able to serve as the Teaching Pastor for the Fellowship at Main Street.

Of course, this was a difficult decision. But, Pokey and I believe this is God's will for our family. Everyone at Main Street grew to mean a great deal to us.

Please pray for me, my family and for Main Street Church as we make these transitions.

I am excited about this new responsibility and believe it is a much better fit with my role at The Hour. Speaking of the Hour, what can we say about the wonderful things that God is doing!! We continue to hear from new viewers and partners in ministry. As one person stated in a letter the other day, "I believe the best days of The Hour are ahead of us!" AMEN!

Again, I appreciate your friendship and support. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

Many blessings,


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