Wednesday, January 07, 2009

"'At Last' Begins Today: A Tribute to the Hope of Martin Luther King's Dream"
by Shane Stanford

In a world where so much work seems undone… and unfinished.

Where so many people seem underresourced... and unloved.

Where so many hopes seem unrealized... and uncertain.

There remains a dream...

That what is broken will one day be whole... and what is hurt will one day be healed.

There remains a dream...

That all people will one day have enough... and that all hearts will one day have love.

There remains a dream...

That the hopeless will one day find rest... and that the helpless will one day find peace.

And though that dream, at times, may seem undone…

“Still we hew it out of the mountain of despair”... “transforming our discord… into a symphony” of faith--

"Working together”
"Praying together”
"Struggling together”
"Standing together”
Knowing, hoping, believing, insisting together... that one day "WE WILL be free”

"At last" begins today... Together!

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