Tuesday, May 25, 2010

What an amazing Sunday at GBUMC! All three campuses reported a tremendous moving of God's spirit. Nearly 2,400 people attended one of seven worship services. What a blessing.

At Fairpoint, we started our series entitled, "Dirty Laundry". We talked this past week about Gossip. The focus of the sermon was that gossip is one of the most dangerous acts in which a person participates. Its effects are far-reaching, not only for the situation at hand, but because of the ripple effect throughout the Body.

I mentioned that Gossip is petty, a deliberate "mis-truth", and meant to tear down a person.

Healthy conversation, on the other hand, is valuable, truth-full, and meant to build up the Body.

I love the three filter test used by Socrates. He asked: Is it True? Is it Good? Is it Useful?

This week, as we go about our many conversations, ask yourself that question. It will not only transform your personal conversations, but will bless the Body of Christ is both seen and unseen ways.

I would love to hear you comments about the sermon. Or, send your questions. Nothing is off limits.

Be Salt and Light... You Matter!


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