Sunday, June 13, 2010

Proxy, Part I
1 Samuel 17: 26-50

Today, we discussed what happens when we "proxy" our expectations, gifts and responsibilities that God has given us, using, instead, the standards of the world.

We looked at the example of David and Goliath. When the shepherd boy, David, decided to meet the giant on the battlefield, King Saul tried to put his own armor on David. Of course, it didn't fit, and, so, David chose five smooth stones and a slingshot. Saul's armor worked for Saul, not David.

Too many times, when we face our giants, we try all of the tools of the world. But, those tools are not for us. And, so, we face the struggle of our life with the wrong tools, having set a proxy for our fight.

The Scripture offers three lessons for facing the giants in our lives:

1. Distinguish between Fact and Fiction

2. Use the Tools that God has Given YOU

3. Use them Boldly, Consistently and Decisively

In following these rules, we take the fight to the giant ourselves and don't wait for the world to save us. That belongs to God, whose has already provided more than we need in Christ Jesus.

We love you.

Be Salt and Light... You Matter!


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